09/11/2017: Major US Waste-to-energy project using our RAPTOR™ technology honored for green energy innovation!

The Quantum BioPower organic-waste-to-energy project in Connecticut, USA, incorporating Global Water Engineering RAPTOR™ anaerobic digestion technology has been honored as a Finalist in this year’s American Biogas Council Industry Awards.

The American Biogas Council represents the entire US biogas industry, including more than 200 companies who are dedicated to maximizing the production and use of biogas from organic waste.

The plant, serving the central Connecticut region, incorporates our RAPTOR™ rapid anaerobic digestion system at the heart of its process that harvests mixed organic wastes for conversion into enough biogas (primarily methane) to generate 1.2 MW of electricity and up to 5.6 tons a day of dry biofertilizer.

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